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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Strawberry Patch

Yesterday we spent a large part of the afternoon replanting our strawberry patch. I must say...I'm pretty proud of the result. :) Yep, I love our cute little strawberry patch.

See, before we cleaned it up and replanted it, we had strawberry plants growing amid tons of weeds. Trent's dad used to keep it up, but then the weeds kinda took control, and it hasn't been taken care of in a while. Birds and other small critters get to the fruit, so we've never had a strawberry crop of any kind. Yesterday, we decided to revive this little strawberry patch. 

Here it was Before....
Can you tell there are strawberry plants within these weeds? Ha. We cleaned it up a little, then dug out all of the plants we could find. We counted around 20 strawberry plants! Then Trent tilled the rest of it all up with the mower and tiller and sprayed the perimeter with insect killer.
Then we put wire fencing around the area. There were already railroad ties surrounding it on 3 sides - we just had to take one out temporarily for the mower to get through.

By the way -  we also have rhubarb and a blackberry bush growing right next to the strawberry patch. All in addition to our vegetable garden we have about halfway planted. I hope we have lots of yummy crops this year. :)

The next step was my favorite - replanting the strawberry plants! By this time, I wasn't feeling too well (I've felt like I'm coming down with another cold lately. Boo!), so I watched Trent plant them.

He left a little room for walking space inside the patch. It's fenced in on all sides to help keep creatures out, but we also need to get some netting to put over the plants to keep the birds from eating the fruit.

The last step was bringing the hose and sprinkler out to water them!
I love how our little strawberry patch turned out. It definitely came a long way in the few hours we worked on it. 

Here's the Before and After again:
I told Trent I need to make a sign that says "Welcome to our Strawberry Patch"....or something like that. I think it would finish it off perfectly. Maybe I will...Stay tuned! Haha.

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