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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birthday, Seeds, and Clean Up Day

This post might be a little random. I've had a cold as you know, and this is the first afternoon that I've felt a little better! As in, I can somewhat breathe through my nose now. (Yay for breathing!) But anyway, first things first - Happy birthday to my dad today! If you haven't seen my facebook post yet, well, here it is:

And it is very true :)

I also have a couple of other little things to share. We finally picked up some more seeds for the vegetable garden last night. After planting our veggie plants (along with some carrot and watermelon seeds), we still had the other half of the garden to fill up. 

We ended up getting some cabbage (Trent likes cabbage, I don't really), broccoli, lettuce, and sweet corn. We haven't planted them yet, since Trent's been busy mowing and trimming yards around town. But hopefully we'll get them planted within the next couple of days and have a good harvest this year!

Also - Tomorrow is our Village Clean Up Day, which I am kind of excited about. Basically, the whole town throws out a bunch of junk they don't want anymore - old furniture, broken toys, whatever, and sets it out on the curb for the garbage trucks to pick up the next day.

So tonight after Trent gets home, we're throwing out some junk! An awesome way to get rid of things. You throw it out, they take care of it. It's funny because some people drive around with their trucks and trailers the night before and pick up people's junk to take home as their own. Hey, it's free. One person's trash is another person's treasure, right? Haha.

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