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Thursday, May 2, 2013

100 Random Facts About Me

This is my 100th Blog post, so I thought I would compose 100 random facts about me that you may or may not know. It was actually quite difficult to think of a hundred things, let alone interesting things. I swear, I tried to make it as interesting as I possibly could!
This is me! (Hi there)

100 Random Facts About Me:

1. My favorite color is pink.
2. I'm 5'4 1/2" tall (gotta add that half inch)
3. I have brown eyes.
4. I have one sibling - a sister (Haley) who's two years younger than me.
5. My favorite zoo animal is the giraffe.
6. My favorite blog is Young House Love. I read it every day.
7. I met John and Sherry, my favorite bloggers, last year.
8. The first thing I ever wanted to be when I "grew up" was "an artist."
9. I've been to 25 of the 50 US states.
10. Canada is the only other country I have visited (so far).
11. My nose gets really red when I'm cold.
12. I am currently in the process of re-watching the entire ten seasons of Friends on DVD. 
13. I had orange shag carpet in my room growing up (with yellow walls).
14. I'm a vegetarian.
15. As a toddler, I chose to sleep with books instead of stuffed animals.
16. I graduated with a top ten GPA in my high school class and got my first two years of college and text books free with scholarships. 
17. I went fishing for the first time in my life last year.
18. I am near-sighted (I wear contacts).
19. I had braces on my teeth in my younger years. And rubber bands, and head gear, and retainers...
20. I'm a dog person.
21. I was voted "Best Artist" in my high school class.
22. I have an Associate's degree, a Bachelors degree in Graphic design, and a web developer certificate.

23. I used to keep a journal and write in it everyday in high school. I still have about 5 journals that are full.
24. I've had two cars in my life so far, an Acura and a Honda Accord.
25. I had a few minor accidents in my first car, including hitting a deer.
26. Orange is one of my least favorite colors.
27. I have been with Trent for five years (we've lived together for over two now).
28. I have never smoked a cigarette.
29. I watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette every season and can't miss an episode.
30. I'm always cold.
31. My first celebrity crush was Zac Hanson.
32. I took 2 years of French in high school and 1 semester in college.
33. My middle name is Dawn.
34. My aunt was my third grade teacher.
35. I'm not allergic to anything.
36. I've never broken a bone.
37. I've never had surgery.
38. I played Goldilocks in our elementary school play.
39. I don't like anything grape-flavored.
40. I can name all 50 states and all US presidents in order.
41. I sang soprano in chorus in junior high school.
42. I got my first cell phone when I was 16.
43. My parents bought me my first car on my 16th birthday.
44. Jennifer Aniston is my favorite actress.
45. Rachel and Chandler are my favorite "Friends."
46. I took my own lunch to school every day in junior high and high school.
47. I played the clarinet in sixth grade.
48. For a while as a teen, I played The Sims on the computer every day. I even had a folder where I kept track of all of my families in each neighborhood, and made all of the houses mansions.
49. I have a fear of rubber bands breaking when I'm wrapping them around things.
50. I also have a fear of burning my mouth drinking a hot liquid.
51. I wear size 7 shoes.
52. I loved gymnastics as a kid.
53. I won in the school writing contest 3 times growing up - once was for a poem about Seagulls. And I live in Illinois....
54. I lived in the same house my entire childhood, until moving out when I was 22.
55. I get my hair done about every 2 1/2 to 3 months.
56. I like making lists.
57. I'm a farmer's daughter.
58. I'm a Chicago Cubs fan.

59. I'm of German and Irish heritage.
60. My only pet growing up was a cocker spaniel named Oscar Mier who died when I was 6.
61. My idea of cooking is putting food in the microwave.
62. I job shadowed at an interior design company in high school.
63. I've been to Disney World twice.
64. I had Velcro Power Ranger shoes in first grade that I thought were the coolest thing ever.
65. I worked in an engineer library for 3 years in college.
66. My favorite season is summer.
67. I used to draw all the time as a kid.
68. I was a Girl Scout.
69. When I was a kid, I collected bouncy balls and stuffed frogs.
70. I now collect ceramic owls and antique plates.
71. Over the years, my nicknames have included: Whitty, Whit, Whitters, Smiley, and Dawn.
72. I took a Pilates class in college and I loved it (It forced me to work out).

73. I attended Sunday school from when I was 2 until I was a senior in high school.
74. I just recently learned how to use the dishwasher. Like two weeks ago. Don't judge me.
75. The one time I tried to use our stove, the fire alarm went off. Fact. Haven't used it since.
76. I hate hearing the sound of my voice in recordings or home videos.
77. My sign is Pisces.
78. I hate wearing tall heels. It's hard to walk in them, and they hurt my feet. 
79. I'm both left-brained and right-brained
80. My least favorite courses in college were Roman History, Western Civilization, and Philosophy.
81. My dream job would be working for a home decor magazine as a layout designer or art director.
82. I can count to ten in 4 languages.
83. I'm a silent sleeper.
84. I'm a messy eater.
85. I love Dave Matthews Band and Counting Crows.
86. My first concert was John Michael Montgomery. I think I was 6 or 7. I loved him.
87. I eat bananas all the time and love anything banana flavored.
88. 88 is my favorite number.
89. I WILL own a Lexus someday.
90. I have always been very quiet and soft spoken in public.
91. My favorite ice cream flavor is anything with peanut butter, cookie dough, or bubble gum in it.
92. I eat Cheerios and milk for breakfast on the weekend.
93. I really want to ride in a hot air balloon.
94. I think I have seasonal affect disorder because after Christmas, winter just depresses me!
95. I know all of the words to the movie Bring It On, cheers and all. 
96. I don't function well before 9:00 am.
97. Saturday is my favorite day of the week.
98. I got my belly button pierced when I was is no longer pierced. (You don't wanna know)
99. I love road trips and visiting places I've never been.
100. I love romantic comedies.

Congrats! If you made it through this whole long and rambling list, you now know 100 things about me! Now...list 5 to 10 random things about yourself so we can get to know each other better! Ready...GO! :)

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