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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Upstairs Bedroom - Before

Our house is one-and-a-half stories. So we have an upstairs, but it's a fairly small one. When you walk upstairs, you are right in my office. Beyond my the spare bedroom. Which is currently also used as a storage room.

This used to be Trent's bedroom growing up. Then when I moved in, it was my closet. I had clothes spread out in piles across the floor and it was difficult to find clothes to wear every morning. Finally we cleaned out the downstairs closet and were able to put most of my clothes down there.

We were able to clear a path to the bed in here, but we are still left with tons of things we don't use on a daily basis. Most of it is Trent and I's old stuff from our childhood and teenage years.

The whole left side of the room is one huge, gigantic pile of "stuff." Seriously, it's like an episode of hoarders. The goal for this summer is to go through it all and donate or try to sell them in a yard sale. The plastic totes are full of clothes, purses, shoes, etc. that were in our yard sale last year. There are also two rolls of insulation in that pile that need to go in the attic! Chaos, I tell you.

This room, besides all of the cleaning out of junk, needs some serious decor help, too! There's those brown sponge-painted walls I keep telling you about that filled the whole upstairs and stairway.

And that green carpet has got to go. Trent wants to put hardwoods up here. I kind of want a low-pile carpet since we won't really use this room too much, but who knows. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to both. I may use this room in addition to my office as a kind of art/craft room, so hardwoods might be a better idea in that case.

I'm hoping by the end of summer I will have some progress/after pictures to show you! Wish us luck!

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