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Friday, April 19, 2013

Structural Issues

It's official. We have a very leaky roof on our hands. And water in our basement. And a flooded yard. It's been raining like crazy this week in Illinois, leaving us with 2 feet of water in our basement, and a leaking ceiling in the back room. Last year was the hallway. (Hopefully that has been fixed, because it's all covered with new insulation, plastic, and drywall now.) Oh, the perks of living in an old house.
Our backyard yesterday morning!
Trent and I have pretty much decided we need to dedicate our summer home improvement projects to fixing structural issues. These are some of the things on our to-do list for the next year or so, in the major home improvement project category:

1. Find companies that fix foundations.
2. Contact companies to come out and give us quotes.
3. Raise the living room and hallway slightly with floor jacks.
4. Get the foundation fixed.
5. Pour concrete in the basement.
6. Buy a sump pump with a float.
7. Gut the back room and back porch.
8. Somehow get the slope on the back room (behind the kitchen) raised, so that rain can fall down easier, and raise the ceiling of the back porch at the same time.
9. Finish the hallway.
10. Put new roofing on.

Whew, that is quite the list.....And not the most fun renovation projects in my book. All I'm seeing are headaches and dollar signs...Not that all of these items will get done this year or anything. I'm just looking forward to the day when the only work that needs to be done is cosmetic and decor-related :) Maybe a nice new home would fix that issue? Ha.

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