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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Cleaning and Some Planting

It was a productive weekend! Since I was in the spring cleaning spirit, I started tackling the "pantry" area of the closet. We also got the flowers planted, and more of the backyard cleaned up.

My bird feeder went back up, too!

Pots on the porch got planted...

Flowers in our flower bed are starting to grow back. We just need some more mulch to fill in some spotty areas. And we still need to stain or paint the porch. Still weighing options in that department...

And we planted the purple flowers on the side of the house - the ones that smell really fragrant! :) They're called Blue moon phlox.

I also started tackling the closet while Trent was at work Sunday...specifically the area that will become our pantry. Brace yourselves...It's been much worse. But this is what it looked like before I started this weekend:

I got it about halfway cleaned out, after sorting it into 3 piles.
Left is garbage, right is donate.

This was the recycling pile that we took over to the recycling dumpsters in town. After we cleaned out the backyard, we had a whole truckload of recycling and ended up with a huge burn pile, too. 

I'm hoping we can get the pantry and closet areas all done this summer. Not quite there yet. But I'm glad we got a few things accomplished this week. It's supposed to be in the eighties tomorrow, so it should feel like summer around here! I'm super excited :)

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