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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our Bedroom: Spring 2013

I haven't shown many photos of our bedroom during the day. They've been mostly at night when the glow-y lamps are at their most glorious :) (Visit here and here for past bedroom tours.)

But the other day I was cleaning around the house and decided to make a few decor additions...see the pink flowers on my night stand? Those are the faux pink flowers that have lived with me since I went to college - first they were in my dorms rooms...then they were on our living room coffee table. Then the microwave table in the kitchen. And now they're liking their home pretty well in our bedroom. I bring them in rooms all the time because every room needs a pop of pink. (Don't mind the bifold doors leaning up against the wall - those were a Habitat ReStore find, and we're planning on using one for the bedroom closet and one for the kitchen pantry. Once we find time after all of the other bazillion projects we have going on up in here.)

Anyway, I found it especially fitting to have that pink on my night stand - it was in serious need of some girlyness. I just plopped the flowers in a glass cylindrical vase. Then I brought in my little hand painted bowl I found at an antique store to hold misc. items like jewelry, which was my original intent for it. I just hadn't moved it in there yet, because it just didn't feel right in there. Until I brought in the pink flowers. It needed some more feminine touches. Now I think it's just about perfect.

Hopefully one day we can get a better standing mirror in here than the puny one we have now, and get a more substantial piece (like a small dresser or buffet table) to fill the space below our frame gallery (See how we hung those frames here). The jewelry armoire looks pretty tiny on that wall, too. It's all about proportions, people.

The light streaming in through the windows is my favorite. 

And just for kicks, here are a couple photos of my nightstand at night with the glowy lamp:

I have another Bookcase Makeover post coming up tomorrow to end the work week! Super excited!

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