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Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Mower and Flowers

This week we made a little trip to Lowe's. Trent bought a new push mower to help with some of the smaller lawns he mows around town. Now he doesn't have to borrow them from other people!

It was priced at around $280, but he got it for less than $200 with some gift cards and a 10% off coupon. More good news - He also got his truck back from the shop, finally! It needed a new transmission and was in the shop for two weeks. He finally got to pick it up yesterday, and it's running as good as new.

I instagrammed this photo when we were picking up the mower at Lowe's the other day: 
See those purple flowers in my cart? I had to get them because we were walking by and they smelled soo good! I'm planting them on the side of the house. I also bought a bunch of pansies to fill up my pots on the porch.
I've been waiting to plant flowers until it gets a little warmer. It's been about 60 the last few days but a little chilly with the wind. Hopefully today Trent and I can plant them after he gets done mowing his yards!  He just mowed ours on Thursday and put down some more grass seed in the patchy spots. I hope it grows in all lush and beautiful. Pretty soon we're going to get some seeds for the garden out back and plant them! We're determined to make it better than last year's, which was kind of a weed-fest due to leaving for vacation for a couple of weeks in June. Oops.

Anyway, here's a little sampling of how the porch is looking so far:
The purple flowers in the large pot are the ones I am planting on the side of the house. I need to buy something else to plant in their place.
I got these produce planters from Joss and Main and they are awesome. I'm planting some pansies in the top one, and I still need to pick up some flowers to plant in my little pot. Then plant and hang my hanging flower basket.

We plan on staining the porch floor - as you can see it didn't take paint well after we painted it a few summers ago. So the paint must be scraped away, and we have a plan for staining it pretty soon. There will definitely be more pictures of the porch in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned. In the mean time...come on spring! I'm ready for 75 degree weather! ;)

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