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Monday, April 29, 2013

Future Backyard Plans

I've been thinking a lot about things we need to do in the yard, since spring is finally here. There is so much we need to do, especially in the backyard! I found this in my notebook the other day:
It's a layout of the house I drew last summer when Trent and I were measuring the perimeters of our yard for a fence. We want to put up a fence back there eventually for both privacy (Our neighbors on one side are really close), and for Saleen to run around back there. We were getting an idea for how much fencing we will need to buy.

We also really want to put down a nice paver patio back there with some patio furniture and a fire pit. We don't hang out in the backyard too much because our neighbors are so close and we just feel like it's awkward because there's no privacy.

Last weekend we were at Target and found this patio dining set:

It's from the Casetta Patio Collection. It's a nice, simple set. I love it and think it would be perfect for our backyard. It's even on sale. 
I really want it...And it has even gone down 10 more dollars since I took the above screenshot. But it would be nice to have a new patio laid down first, and a fence for privacy. Considering this is what the yard looks like now (Well, last year, but it hasn't changed much):
Definitely needs some work. So I think I'm going to wait, because it will most likely be on sale again. (I hope)...and we need to get more important things done first. I've found it's hard to decide what to buy for the house right now and what to wait on, since there is so much that needs to be done and it can't all be done at once. (Although I wish I could just snap my fingers and have our backyard redone instantly! Haha.)

Right now, since it's getting nice and we have so many outdoor improvements to tackle, priorities are key! Watching our pennies and checking off the most important things first....

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