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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Recap

As you might know, we made a trip out to Ohio this past weekend to visit some of Trent's family and celebrate Easter with them. We had a blast and only wish we had more time to spend there. Alas, it is about 8 hours away so the trip doesn't happen often enough! We got home last night at about 10:00 only to go into work again this morning. Needless to say we're still a little tired But it was worth it. Here's a little recap of how we spent our Easter weekend!

Thursday night, the night before we left, we packed after I got home from work, and then I painted some Easter eggs :)

I didn't have any food coloring, so I figured what the heck - I'll just paint them! So I grabbed a few colors of acrylic paint I already had laying out and painted them in colorful, crazy patterns. I did it pretty quickly because I was tired, but it was fun. We haven't eaten them yet. I don't really want to, because they're too pretty. :)

Friday morning we left for Ohio. It was around 8 hours to the Columbus area from our house.

Friday night when we arrived, we met everyone at a restaurant/pub for Trent's cousin Aaron's 30th "surprise" birthday. I say that in quotes because he kind of already knew about it, but he didn't know we were coming down from Illinois so it was kind of a surprise! We had a great time.

Here's Trent, and the birthday boy.
And some of the gang...
We went out to another bar afterwards then settled in at Amanda and Steve's for the weekend. 

The next day was absolutely gorgeous outside for March.
We hung out downtown Delaware for a little bit and met Amanda, Steve, and little Eli for lunch at Opa, a little Greek-style restaurant. It was delicious!
Then we did a little Antique shopping downtown Delaware and Powell (you know I love a good antique store). They had some awesome finds - I'll share some of them later this week. We even stopped at a place that Amanda and Steve recommended, a little cupcake bakery downtown Powell called Pink Moon.

Trent got a Dreamsicle/Sherbet flavored one, and I got Chocolate Chocolate. They were extremely yummy.

Downtown Powell was so cute. I wish we could've went to more of the shops, but we only had one day of shopping so we had to squeeze it all in.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Polaris mall in Columbus, which was so nice! Wish we had a mall like that here. I had a great time shopping, and we were of course exhausted afterward. I will share my finds this week! Atleast the antique and home-decor related ones :)

We went back to Amanda and Steve's, watched the Ohio State game, had some yummy vegetable lasagna for dinner and called it a night.

 Sunday morning, we dressed up in our Sunday best and went to church with Trent's family.

Then we had a nice lunch with all of them and got to relax a little before the drive back.

It was a fantastic weekend and we're still worn out! Not a bad thing though! :)

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