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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Antique Shopping Near Columbus, Ohio

Oh my goodness, it's finally feeling like spring outside! I'm LOVING the weather!! As promised, I am sharing a few finds from our antiquing adventures in Ohio this past weekend. I wish we could have stopped at all of the antique shops, but we only had time for a couple, both right outside of Columbus. The first was downtown Delaware, which I don't have any pictures from. But I did get a small hand painted bowl there, which I was going to set by my nightstand to hold jewelry, but right now it is living on the living room end table:

I still need to do some rearranging/switching out of accessories for spring, so I haven't decided what I am going to do with it yet or where its permanent home will be.

Although I didn't capture any photos from the shop in Delaware, I did catch a few at the second shop we visited, called Powell Liberty Antiques in Powell, Ohio. Downtown Powell is really cute with a bunch of little shops. We stopped into the cupcake shop, too which was delicious! (See more about that here)

There were so many things I really liked in the two shops we went to, but I only snapped pictures of a few items. Like this chalkboard I thought was cool. It looked like it was made out of an old window frame:

There were also these adorable vintage salt and pepper shakers. So cute!

And this bar-height chair that looked like it had been refinished. There was only one of them, but wouldn't it look cute in a white kitchen with turquoise accents (maybe with the salt and pepper shakers too)?

One of the coolest things we saw all day was this old coin piano from the 1920's. Trent put a quarter in the slot, and it began playing music while some wooden (or metal?) horses spun really fast around in a circle as if they were racing.

Here's a little description that was on the piano:

I'm guessing these are the songs that it plays:

 Here are the horses when they're not in motion:

It was so cool and reminded me of something that would be on the show American Pickers. (Love that show, especially since they're local to us!)

That's unfortunately all the photos I have from the antique shops we visited. Here's hoping this summer will be full of many more antiquing adventures!

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