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Friday, April 5, 2013

Adventures at HomeGoods

This weekend when we visited Trent's family in Ohio, we had most of the day Saturday to shop. And shop, we did. One particular store I had to go to was HomeGoods. There is not a single HomeGoods near us, so whenever we are traveling and I see one, I immediately scream "HOMEGOODS! WE HAVE TO GO THERE!" Then Trent rolls his eyes and reluctantly pulls the car into the lot and I grin with excitement.

I wish we would have had more time to spend shopping there, but then again I don't because I probably would have spent way more money than I already did (which was about $90.00. ($89.58 to be exact) On home decor. Yep. No willpower, I tell ya.)

As soon as I walked in I saw tons of things I loved. Like the white fish pitcher below:

See it? Here's a close-up:
SO wish I had a place to put this. Or a practical use for it. I love it. Haha.

I also saw tons of decorative items that would look amazing on book shelves..and the gold garden stool in the picture below had me really wishing I could take it home with me:
Isn't it awesome? I wish I could've gotten it for my office. Oh well.

Here are some of the things I did buy:

Another little ceramic owl to add to my collection. This area in the kitchen is patrolled solely by owls, didn't you know? I love it - it's green so it totally matches my kitchen. And holds our dishwashing accessories. 

This owl had to come home with me too....yep, he is pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

Then there were more pillows.....
I seriously can't resist HomeGoods pillows. The gray and white one is amazing and that bright floral one had me at OMG I NEED YOU.  Seriously, it was like those Pier 1 commercials where the decor talks to you.

Yep, that was happening with those pillows.

I actually decided to get the bright floral one because it looked ridiculously similar to the pillow cover I was drooling over for this space at West Elm, but it was actually cheaper - as in about $16.99 compared to $29.00. So glad I found this one before I bought the more expensive one from West Elm. (West Elm, I love you, but sometimes you're just too darn expensive for a cheapo like me.)

And I love it in this space. It was just what this corner needed to balance out my new bright and colorful artwork!

Doesn't the space look so much brighter and more pulled together? Check out the Before and After:

This is just after bringing in one more piece of homemade art and two new pillows! I love this corner now. It looks so much more "finished" to me.

I also picked up some wrapping paper that I plan on using for the backs of my mini bookshelves! There was only one roll left of this chevron pattern (wish there were two of them), but I really loved it so I had to get it! I plan on tackling this project maybe this weekend, so I will definitely share how it turns out!

My last HomeGoods find was a small white lantern with a faux LED candle/light inside for the front porch. I forgot to get a picture of it, but I will take more porch/outdoor pictures soon, and that little guy will definitely be there! I plan on putting together a little vignette out there on the old wooden crate for summer. Just not sure what else I am including in my porch display yet.

That's about the gist of what I picked up at HomeGoods this past weekend. I still wish there was one in our area, but I guess I will be happy we have both a Marshall's and a TJ Maxx. They are extremely similar after all. Just not HomeGoods. Sigh.

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