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Friday, March 8, 2013

Owl Nooks

Tuesday, during my Snow Day, I did a little painting in the kitchen. 

What did I paint? Well, Trent gave me these owls for my birthday (From here):

And after some thinking about where to put the little guys, I didn't have too many options so I decided on the kitchen nooks:

The only thing is, they were white and didn't "pop" against the cabinets at all. So I decided to paint the backs of them to make my owls stand out a little more. I just cleared off the shelves and wiped them down...

I wanted to use paint we already had, and decided to mix the dark gray and white again, like I did with my skeleton key frame, to create a nice medium shade of gray. Trent and I mixed the color, and I dubbed it "Snow Day Gray." Every paint color needs a name, right?

After taping off most of the edges to make my job a little easier, I painted on three coats of my Snow Day Gray.

Once it was dry, I removed the tape, and put my owls back in their places! Suddenly, the little guys popped! I think it looks pretty cute and fun.

Plus it's a nice little surprise to look over and see the unexpected gray color in there. And it only took a few hours. Nice little afternoon painting project :) Of course we have a long road ahead of us for this room and our Phase 1 makeover is only temporary, but it's a nice little change!

Especially when you consider how far we've come so far. Just look at where we started from...

In other news...I'm a little under the weather. All the birthday celebrating this week was too much for me, I guess. Feeling sickly. Going to try to forget it this weekend so I can have some fun! Wish me luck...

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