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Monday, March 11, 2013

Our House Layout

Last night I decided to make a simple little floor plan of our house to make it easier to see how the house is layed out, and to help plan and explain future projects. I know...who makes one of these..well, this just happens to be my idea of a good time. haha.

The house is pretty small, and it's one and a half levels. There is a basement, but it is more like a small, unfinished area and isn't useable for much except for housing the furnace. (Remember, our house was built before 1900!) I've never been down to the basement and don't really want to! I'm kind of scared of what I would find...

Let's start at the beginning, though. Here's the layout of our house. I tried to make it as to-scale as possible, but of course it isn't exact:
You can see the front porch in the front of the house. The front door enters right into the kitchen. When you walk in, the living room is on the left through an open doorway. You look straight down through the little hallway when you first walk in. (This "little" hallway is the project we've been working on now since September of 2011.) Right before the hallway on the left is some large closet space, which is currently full of shelves and boxes of random items, holiday decorations, my clothes, etc. We plan on splitting this space into two sections - the bedroom closet, and the kitchen pantry. We haven't started doing too much in this space yet, though - we've just gotten rid of some things, and moved all my clothes in.

The colored rooms are those that we've painted (aside from the chimney/water heater area which I've just filled in to show the space it takes up). The white rooms are rooms we haven't really touched yet, or are in the process of and haven't painted yet - like the hallway and hall closet. You can see our House Tour here for more on the different rooms in our house.

The house is fairly square, even though the master bedroom and bathroom were actually additions to the house. The room across from the master bedroom is what we refer to as the "back room" - this is where our dog Saleen lives, and we don't really utilize it for much else other than storage for paint and other random household items. We're not completely sure yet what we will do with this space, but it definitely needs gutted - the ceiling has leaked and is in bad shape. Trent wants to make this his bar area, so we'll see what happens!

I could go on and on about what all we need to do with the house, but you can view our whole house to-do list Right Here.

Hopefully that floor plan helps a little to visualize what the house looks like from a new perspective!

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