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Monday, March 4, 2013

My Least Favorite Room

There is one room in our house I am not too fond of. It's small, it's cluttered, it's in bad's our bathroom. And it's the only bathroom in the house. Before I go into all of the things I hate about it in detail, let me show you what this room looked like when I first moved in. Warning - It's not pretty:

Yep. Yellow walls and shower with a wallpaper border, black padded toilet seat (with a mirror right across from it), and an overwhelming feeling of being closed in. It was clear to us even then that this room was going to have to be gutted and completely redone. But since we were in the process of redoing the living room and bedroom..then went on to paint the entire kitchen...then ripped out and began redoing the hallway...the bathroom renovation project was going to have to wait.

We have since done a little work in the room, making it tolerable. But it's only step one. Here's how it currently looks:

What have we done?
1) Painted the walls gray and the trim white. Unfortunately, the shower surround is plastic and yellow, so that has stayed as is, until we can gut the whole room and remove it. But it's no longer an ugly yellow box, and the wallpaper border is no more!
2) Added a door from the hallway. See more on this project here. Before, the only door was from the bedroom, which didn't work well when we had guests and they had to go through our bedroom to get to the bathroom. (Weird) But we added a door from the hallway, so right now there are 2 doors, as you can tell from the pictures. Once we rip the room out and rebuild, the door from the bedroom will be gone, and there will only be one again. There is also a wall of new drywall now, where we put in the door. It is the green that you see in the pictures and will be painted with the rest of the walls when we remodel.
3) Replaced the black padded toilet seat with a white normal one. The color doesn't match perfectly with the rest of the toilet, but once we remodel, we'll be getting a brand new toilet anyway. So it's just a cheapo one we picked up for now.
4.) Removed the oddly placed mirror and the large, bulky cabinets. The mirror across from the toilet was just weird, and the room was way too small to have multiple bulky cabinets sticking out everywhere. Of course the bathroom now has literally no storage at all, so we have to keep our toiletries to a minimum and keep the towels in the bedroom for now. (We are lacking closet storage in this house, too.) I do keep my plastic storage unit I used in college in there for now to store all my hair products, lotions, etc. Once we renovate in here, we will hopefully have a full wall of built-in storage.

We have of course replaced some of the accessories, too, like the shower curtain, trash can and the rug.

And here are the things on our to do list for this room, which we hope to renovate in a year or two (once the hallway and the foundation are finally done):
  • Gut walls and ceiling and rebuild
  • Repaint
  • Tile around the shower
  • Install new bathtub and shower
  • New vanity and sink
  • New toilet
  • Rebuild floor and lay new flooring - The current floor is falling apart!
  • Install and paint new trim
  • Install Built-in storage
  • Install overhead fan/light - There is no fan in the bathroom right now, and the moisture problem from showers is terrible.
  • Install new vanity lighting
So hopefully now you can see why our bathroom is my least favorite room in the house. I'm dreaming of one day having a beautiful new bathroom, and maybe in the next couple of dream will come true! 

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