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Monday, March 25, 2013

Mod Podge Canvas Art

As promised, I have a little Mod Podge project to share today! Yes, yesterday did turn out to be a pretty productive Sunday for me. Not only did I get the dishes done and the living room dusted, but I also knocked out a couple of crafty projects. One of them being this one:

And it was SUPER easy to make. Here's how it all went down.

Yesterday after lunch, which consisted of this:

And a little of this.....
(Can't beat a relaxing morning listening to some Dave and eating some snack food at the coffee table)

I got to work on my FIRST Mod Podge project ever! I had been looking for some ideas on what to make, when I found this project via Pinterest:

Who knew there was a website called Mod Podge Rocks, completely devoted to Mod Podge porjects? Anyway, this project seemed like a good beginner one for me. You just choose a printed image and use Mod Podge to attach it to the canvas. I already had an image in mind that I wanted to use.

So the first thing I did was get all of my supplies together.

I had bought some Mod Podge, some new canvases and some more paint at Hobby Lobby this weekend. I also gathered up a bunch of possible art prints from old calendars - I keep all of my old calendars in case I ever want to hang up a print inside or use them in projects like this. I ironically have a Charley Harper calendar!
In this case though, I decided to go with my first instinct, and that was to use my favorite print from my Wolf Kahn calendar. It hung in my office on my memo board, and I absolutely love it. I think it's all the pink. Actually, I'm pretty positive that's what it is.

 I laid it on the square canvas to make sure I wanted to use it (And yep, I did)...
 Then I painted the canvas with a wash of pink mixed with a little white.

Then I just applied some Mod Podge to the canvas and to the back of the print, and attached it. I let it dry maybe a half hour or so, but I couldn't really wait the recommended 2 hours it said on the bottle (come on, 2 hours, really!?) so I went ahead and applied a top coat over the image and the top of the canvas to seal it in.

I didn't realize it but I got the kind that's supposed to be for Paper-on-Paper. I think after further research, This Kind would have been better (I think it's more of the "original" kind), since it's for All Surfaces. But I'm a Mod Podge beginner and knew nothing about it aside from looking up various projects...and who knew there were so many varieties of the stuff? Geez! (In the end though, it seems like it attached to the canvas fine.)

I let the first coat dry another half hour or so, and then I applied a second coat.

And here it is after two coats of Mod Podge on top! It's a perfect pop of pink, in my opinion :)

It will go in my office with my other paintings! I can't wait to spruce up my office more now. This summer I'll have to work on it some more. Right now it's only kind of half way finished.

I think my first Mod Podge project turned out pretty good! I'd definitely call this one an easy beginner project. I created another piece of art last night, too, so I will have that to share tomorrow!

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