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Friday, March 15, 2013

Knobby Business

We've been thinking about replacing the knobs in our kitchen as of late. When we gave it a mini makeover back in 2011, We changed out some of the cabinet handles for new ones, but we left the knobs as-is (just cleaned and polished them up a bit), knowing we'd probably get new ones eventually. We're definitely not going to have these cabinets forever. Once we get the foundation fixed and are free to completely renovate the kitchen, we want to gut it and get new everything. But for now, we're stuck with old cabinets that need a little love.

So the other day, when I saw this post on the blog Young House Love, which mentioned an app where you could take a photo of your cabinets and then "try on" different knobs to see which ones looked the best - it felt like perfect timing! The app is Liberty Hardware's C-It Visualizer App - I tried it out on my iPad, and while it's of course not a perfect representation of what the knob will look like on your cabinets, it definitely gives you an idea. Let's face it though.. it's really more fun than anything :)
Here's one of the photos I captured:

I'm kind of obsessed with glass knobs right now so I tried a lot of those :) Trent's not a fan, though. haha.

I even tried the app in the living room with our TV cabinet. I've been wanting to replace those plain old boring knobs, too. And of course I tried glass ones again!

But I think in the living room it might be nice to have a pop of color, or even those knobs with the little pendants hanging down. I love the look of those, too.

We looked at the cabinet knobs in Hobby Lobby this past weekend and there were some nice ones. But of course I LOVE Anthropologie knobs. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Mother-of-Pearl Knob
  2. Lisbon Knob
  3. Gemstone Knob
  4. Ripe Melon Pull

So many choices. Of course anything will be better than what is there now! So boring! We need some pops of color or interest. The hunt continues.

And actually, compiling the images of these knobs gives me an idea to Photoshop the knobs onto the picture of the cabinets! Duh. I just may try that now....

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