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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Pat's Day!

It's St. Patrick's Day today! Yesterday was the parade. Trent and I went and had a good time. Except it was really cold! Last year, we were comfortably dressed in tanktops and t-shirts. This year we had to bundle up a little!

The parade was pretty good. There were SO many people like always. We hung out by the Irish bars as we do every year, and it might just be the most crowded area. But we still had a pretty good view. We even got a couple pieces of candy and a string of beads, even though we were towards the back.

This might have been one of my favorite floats:

Yep, this "woman" was pretty fiesty:

There were even dancing leprechauns:

And of course, like every year, Santa made an appearance!

After the parade we had some lunch and a couple of drinks at Brady Street Pub.

It wasn't as crazy as other years, but it was a fun day! And I would feel pretty good today, except I still have a cold. So not feeling the greatest! We are still trying to get our insurance for the house, too. We've been having some difficulty which hopefully Trent can get resolved tomorrow afternoon. Today he's working first shift, then he has to drive up to Bellevue, IA tonight to work another shift 8pm to 8am. So we'll see if he feels like it tomorrow! Hoping we can get this insurance thing settled soon!

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