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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hallway Update

Time for an update on our longest project to date! The dreaded hallway. Yes, a year and a half later, we are still without a fully renovated hallway. We thought it would be a simple space to gut and rebuild..but it proved to be just the opposite! While we began this project on a whim in September 2011, we never thought we'd still be in the middle of it in March of 2013. In defense, there were a LOT of unexpected problems we had to fix along the way, like a leaky roof, cracked and unstable ceiling joists....and we even installed 3 new doors and 4 lights. It's been a couple of weeks since I shared this space though, so to review, here are Parts 1-3 of the renovation so far:
So how is our hallway looking now? Well, we have more drywall up, more mud, and even some primer. It's looking very...white. Ha. But we're starting to feel like we're nearing the finish line. Pretty much the only steps we have left to do are: 1) Some mud touching-up, 2) Some wall and floor sanding, 3) Paint/trim/finishing touches.

And now, time for some pictures to show where we are at this point! First off, this is the view from the kitchen (around the front door area):
Not the prettiest view (please excuse the large black box of microwave in the foreground), but you can see the wall we replaced where the hallway meets the kitchen, which still needs sanding.

Then we have the bathroom door (all the doors came pre-primed, so they are all primer color right now). We've actually started priming this wall, which is the white you see.

Here's the view looking down the hallway with the recessed lights, and then the higher part of the ceiling above the bathroom door, with the new ceiling light:

Lots of mud going on! Trent has been mudding and sanding like crazy trying to cover up all the screws and all the imperfections. It's not easy DIY-ing this many walls!

Sanding might be worst part of the whole process. At least for me, and I haven't done any mudding or sanding! Ha. But it's the worst part to me because it's by far the messiest. Drywall dust gets all over EVERYTHING. We try to hang sheets up, as you may be able to see in some of the pictures, but it never fails - the dust gets through. And into the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, and even upstairs in my office! So that's another thing we dread when working on the hallway.

In the picture above on the right you can see where the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors are going to be.

Below is some fresh drywall that finally closed in the closet. And the little nook right by the bedroom door that was primed and then mudded a little more in one spot due to more imperfections during the remodel. It never ends, I tell ya! There are just so many little areas and so many things that you never think about when you begin a "little hallway project" like this!
Plus, Trent has worked on this almost solely by himself, which obviously takes a while, too. It gets worked on basically when he's not working, when he has free time, and when he's feeling motivated. And after a year and a half of working on it off and on, it can be hard to feel motivated! I try to do the job of the cheerleader / motivator / supervisor! Haha. I think I want it done more than anyone. I just want it to be pretty :) It will get there someday. And I promise I will continue to share updates as more gets done! Here's hoping it gets done soon.... haha.

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