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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Etsy Artist Love

It's been an artsy week for me on the blog. But I have some Breaking News I have to share: I bought my first official piece of art! I'm so excited! But I'm waiting until it arrives to share the details, so stay tuned! For now though, I will say that I bought it on Etsy. If you haven't spent much time on Etsy, well, you might want to stay away. It's a site I try to avoid whenever possible, because I love so much on there that it's quite dangerous. I pretty much want to own everything. From decor items, to art, to jewelry, there's so many amazing handmade items on there from very talented people.

So today, I have a short little list of artists on there that I am loving right now. They're all abstract works, because that's kind of what I'm digging at the moment.

1. Lindsay Cowles - (Click on the link to view her Etsy shop) - She's based out of Richmond, VA, and her work is of course, very colorful! My favorite kind right now :) Just check out how her paintings look in these office spaces - Gorg!:
Check out more of her work here.

2. Emily Rickard - I already mentioned that I loved her work on the Society6 website. But I seriously love her paintings. They are so bright and colorful, and I love the pops of pink! Even the names are fun, like Nail polish on the Carpet, and Pie for Breakfast. Here's a couple examples of her amazing paintings:

See more of her work here.

3. Maurie Hartel - I just love her technique with the glossy finishes and the mixes of colors she uses (and all the pink, haha). One of her paintings of course inspired one of mine that I blogged about in this post. Here are a couple of my other favorite pieces by Maurie:
You can read more about her and see more of her work Here and Here.

4. Yangyang Pan - I've loved her work for a while, ever since I discovered it on Pinterest. I love how intricate it is, and the texture it creates, especially since it is oil, not acrylic. She is truly an amazing artist.
You can see a bunch more of her paintings on her website Here.

So that's my short list of the artists that I'm loving right now. Pretty soon I'll have an original piece of my own in my home. And it may just be from one of the artists above...hint hint!

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