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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Art "Pinspiration"

I mentioned that this weekend when I went shopping, I bought a couple blank canvases (at Hobby Lobby). Yep, I did. I am ready to make some ART! I was an art major, yet I haven't made a legit piece of art probably since I graduated! I've only mainly focused on graphic design work. So I'm ready to finally take some time out, sit down, and make a painting for my walls! I've been scouring my Pinterest boards for inspiration, and right now these works of art are jumping out at me:

From Here - I love how layered this looks even though it's only two "colors." So many shades of pink sewn together and so textural!
From Here - This is the only non-abstract art in my Pinspiration post. I'm really thinking of doing something abstract for a change, but I also would like to paint something intricate and detailed, too, which is more like what I have done in the past. Illustration is probably what I'm best at. And owls are of course, my favorite!

From Here - I just love all the colors in this piece and how some are brushed on, and some are just splattered. I would love to create an abstract piece like this. 

From Here - It's soo PRETTY! I love the repetitive lines and all the pink and purple colors. Something like this would be so amazing in my office, if I could duplicate it and have it look as good as this. That would be the tricky part!

From Here - This is actually crayon art! How cool would it be to create an abstract "painting" by melting crayons onto the canvas? I love the colors blended together and how organic it looks.

So many possibilities. All of these paintings are getting my wheels turning! I may just start on this little art project tonight. :)

P.S. - I'm a huge Bachelor fan, and last night's finale was AMAZING. Especially the "After the Final Rose" show! Sean and Catherine look SO happy, and everything just seemed to be perfect for them. And to top it all off, Des is the new Bachelorette! I was totally hoping she would be. Love her. Can't wait for her season and Sean and Catherine's wedding on TV!

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