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Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Soup-er Duper Paintbrush Holder

I'm popping in for a quick post, before I start getting ready for our little weekend trip, so I will be busy packing tonight! But I thought I would quickly share this easiest-project-ever.

A while back, these limited edition Andy Warhol soup cans were available at Target in honor of the 50th anniversary of Warhol's famous "32 Campbell's Soup Cans" piece:

Of course I bought one of each of them! And so far, I've eaten the soup from all but one I think. I've been saving them in a drawer (after I'm finished with the soup inside and have cleaned them out). I've been wanting to do some kind of project with them, but I figured the easiest way to utilize them for now anyway, would be what the fine bloggers at Young House Love (my favorite source ever) did - to store pencils, pens, and the like in them. Here's their finished project which served as my inspiration:

At the moment I only needed a place to store my paint brushes, so I stored them in one of the cans:
This is just a picture taken on my living room floor where I was painting, but I plan to keep it upstairs in my office. And one day when I have my craft table in the guest room, I'll probably use the other cans to store colored pencils, Sharpies, etc. Because Lord knows I have many!!

Hope you enjoyed this short but sweet EASY project I did in about 5 seconds. Literally plopped the paint brushes in there and snapped a pic. Done! Now, off to work then packing for our Easter weekend getaway! Woohoo! More details on that next week!

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