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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Tradition

We had a nice Valentine's Day last night! Like I said in Yesterday's Post, pretty much every year on Valentine's Day, Trent cooks me a romantic candlelit dinner in the kitchen. Complete with romantic music, dim lights..the works. It's kind of a tradition. :) So I thought I'd share some of our past Valentines Days together.

2009 - Our first Valentines Day:
We had a candlelit dinner at Trent's, in what is now our kitchen. There was music playing, he had pink bulbs in the light, and strung lights across the ceiling.
Trent made fettucini alfredo with breadsticks and champagne, and a yummy dessert with chocolate-covered strawberries.
How could you not smile after all that, and he's right across the table. :)

We also like to exchange gifts on Valentine's Day. I got Trent a flip video camera our first year together. I don't have photos from 2010, but we did exchange gifts - I believe one thing I got that year from Trent was a personalized wine glass with my name on it, which I still use to this day. :)

2011, our third Valentine's Day, was another special one, because it was the first one we celebrated in our house. It was the exact same place as where we celebrated our first one together, but this time it was where we both called home.
Trent had the kitchen set up almost exactly how he did the first year, with the pink bulbs, the strung lights, and the music.
I came home to candles on the floor arranged to spell out I Love you.

And Trent cooked pasta again with breadsticks and marinara sauce for dinner.

And then we exchanged gifts. Trent got me a Chi hair straightener, and I got him a Blu Ray player and speaker system.

2012 - Last year, like the years before, we also celebrated with a dinner at home.

He sent roses to my work and bought me a cookie cake. I love cookie cakes :)

He made pasta and dessert again (It's become a tradition)

And we exchanged gifts. I got him a new wallet and an American Eagle gift card to get new clothes for our vacation. Along with the roses, he got me a wine preserver, which was perfect for my Cupcake wine which we popped that night! I'm definitely a wine girl!

So, this year - we continued with our Valentine's Day tradition...I'll have pictures tomorrow! :)

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