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Monday, February 25, 2013

Two Small Living Room Tweaks

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a crafty, antiquey one. (I'll explain more this week) I mentioned in my last Living Room post that the clock in there still needed to be moved to the left a little bit to be more centered between the window and the hutch. Here's what it looked like before:

See how it looks like it needs to be moved over toward the window? The clock was in this position because it was hanging there before the hutch was in here. It was centered - then the hutch came into the picture, and...not so centered anymore.

So this weekend when the batteries died in the clock and we had to switch them out, it seemed like the perfect time to move it over a bit. Trent grabbed the hammer and I stood back and made sure the new nail was in the right spot, and voila! 2 minutes later, we had the new, more centered clock position:

Much better! And a very quick little change. Another small tweak I did this weekend has to do with this jar of sea shells I wrote about on Friday:

As you may recall, it's a jar of seashells we collected on our vacation in the east coast last summer. It sat on my nightstand because I hadn't found a place for it yet where it could be properly on display. I had also thought about adding a label on the front of the jar. Well, this weekend, a little trip to Target and $1.00 later, I had these:

A small package of simple brown labels in the dollar spot at Target. I knew I could use one for this jar. SO....behold:

The jar now has a cute little label that says "East Coast Vacation 2012" and sits on the side table in our living room. And bam, just like that a little more sentimental value is added to the room.

 I love it. :)

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