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Sunday, February 17, 2013

This Year's Valentine's Day

In This Post from Friday, I shared what Trent and I have done on past Valentine's Days and what has kind of become a tradition. This year for our fifth Valentine's Day, we continued with tradition and Trent cooked dinner at home. We opened gifts, and watched TV on the couch together. It was a nice night!

It started out by me coming home from work to this:

I apologize in advance that the pictures are so dark and grainy - the lights were dimmed, and Trent wanted to make sure I captured "the mood"....

Trent made us veggie lasagna. (I'm a vegetarian, hence the veggie part) It was his first time making it, so it took him a while, but he had the recipe there that he was looking off of and had all the ingredients to make it and everything, and it was almost done when I got home. 

It ended up being pretty good. And we definitely had leftovers! 

While we were waiting for the lasagna and garlic bread to finish baking, we opened our gifts.

Trent got me a sweet card and some Cupcake wine along with the flowers, balloon, and the dinner. I love my Cupcake wine of course!

I made Trent a card and drew up a design for his new tattoo. I also threw in some other cool designs I found, and some money to put towards it. He wants a tattoo for his mom - an angel on his arm. I think he liked it!

Here's what the table looked like once the food was all done:

And our dessert:

Trent made the heart-shaped brownies himself and frosted them with yummy cookie cake frosting and cute little sprinkles. They were amazing!

So that was our Valentine's Day this year! A nice, low key dinner like we usually have! On another note, we saw the movie Safe Haven yesterday, and it was really good. I have a related post in the making for tomorrow I can't wait to share! 

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