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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pinterest Project: DIY Earring Holder

Today I have another Pinterest Project to share! I had been looking for a new way to organize my earrings, because I could never seem to find a matching pair. I saw some DIY jewelry organizers on Pinterest, and decided to make one for my earrings using an old frame and some kind of wire.

Here's a few from Pinterest that inspired me:

There were a few variations I found - some used chicken wire, some used ribbons, etc. I decided I wanted to use screen to hang the earrings, and attach it to a frame. I found an old wooden frame from Trent's aunt's yard sale I picked up for 25 cents, and bought a roll of black screen from Wal-Mart for about 8 bucks. I couldn't find anything else that would work, so I bought a big 'ol roll! Total cost for everything was around $8.25, since I had all the rest of the materials.

Here's how mine turned out (Sorry for the bad camera phone pic):

Detail shot:

The materials/tools I used were:
1. An 11"x14" frame
2. Some paint
3. A roll of black window screen
4. A Staple gun
5. A hammer
6. Scissors
How I made it:
1. I took the glass and backing off out the frame.
2. I painted the frame (It was natural wood) - I just used some paint we had left over from the kitchen cabinets.
3. I cut a rectangle out of the roll of window screen that was just a little smaller than the entire frame.
4. Once the paint was dry on the frame, I stretched the screen out tight behind the frame and used a staple gun to attach it to the back. For the staples that didn't go in all the way, I just took a hammer and pounded on it a little to make the staple flush to the frame. Tapping the hammer around the frame also gave it a little bit of a "distressed" look when I turned the frame over. I kind of liked it so I left it that way! Happy accident.
5. Then the last step was just getting all my earrings together and hanging them!

I absolutely love it! About 6 months or so still works perfectly, and I haven't lost a pair of earrings yet. It's hanging in my closet next to my dresser right now. As for how I hung it, I just didn't hammer in the staple in the top center all the way, so I literally hung it with the staple on the nail. It totally works. Hope you like it! :)

**Update - Linking up at Tatertots & Jello's Weekend Wrap up party today! :)


  1. Hi Whitney, love your earring holder. Great tutorial, love the colour you painted it. Chicken wire is a great thing to use.

    Kate (The Tales of Me)


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