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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Office Space

No, this post is not about the hilarious movie Office's actually about my office, although I might just throw this in for good measure:

(image from here)

Oh, Milton...Anyway, in our house, right when you go up these stairs..

To the left of the landing is my office space. As I mentioned before, these walls used to be tan and brown sponge painted, so what you see now is quite the improvement. We painted them the same color as our living room, Glidden's Water Chestnut. It's a nice light, neutral tan color and it has really brightened up the space.

If you immediately turn left after going up the stairs, this is the wall on your right hand side:

This is that same wall that the yellow flower painting is on (It's from IKEA by the way). The walls up here all used to be brown with sponge-paint until we painted over it. We started painting the trim white, too. About 3/4 of the walls in this space are painted - there is a nook over the stairs that's still brown and needs to be finished. It's in a harder-to-reach area that's kinda cluttered right now with some of Trent's old things.

The upstairs used to be Trent's when he lived here with his parents. In the picture above on the far left you can see the start of a doorway - that goes into what used to be Trent's bedroom, and what will hopefully become the guest bedroom someday. Right now it is storage to yard sale totes and our old junk that needs to be dealt with!

Here's another picture of that wall:

On the right you can see a cut-out closet door. Trent's old things are in that closet. You can see there's some sort of paneling on the walls too, which we painted over. I just hung a few office-y things on this wall: Starting with the top left - my award for Five Years of Government Service, my Bachelor's degree, a photo from my college graduation, and Trent's Employee of the Month award from the Security company he works for. And of course, there's my Wallflowers! :) I love them. I got them when I first moved in from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and was waiting until we painted upstairs so I could put them up! Here's the box that they came in, in case you're wondering what brand they are:

They're a plastic material, and the backs have pins you can stick into whatever - we just used the pins to stick them right into the paneling on the wall.

When you turn a little more to the left, you see my tiny office space! Low, slanted ceilings and all.
It's a little messy..I honestly didn't bother making it look nice or styling it or anything. The trash in the corner is even full. But this is my little space and I'm keeping it real.

I got my desk from and I like it (It's this one in silver), the chair is from Amazon (This one - I wish I would've splurged and gotten a little bit nicer one though, because the arm on it is already broken!), the lamp is from Target, the white and gray storage drawers on my desk are from the Container Store (These), my two white pencil cups are these, also from the Container Store. The pillow on my chair is one I had from when I was in college. My mouse pad is from Amazon, and it's Vincent Van Gogh's painting, "The Cafe Terrace" - this one.

You might have already seen the memo board I made in This Post, but here she is again in my office:

I told you, I wasn't lying about needing to empty my trash can:
You can see that we installed beadboard and trim against that wall - and we still need to finish trimming it off - there are still gaps where the ceiling meets the wall paneling. The unfinished nook is to the left of this area and still needs painted.

I think this little flower arrangement was from Target. I can't remember where those two little silver birds came from, but I'm thinking maybe Marshall's? And I have way too many textbooks from college on my bookshelves..along with my art and design books..journals, etc. I'd like to paint the bookshelves someday. White maybe, with a pattern or pop of color inside? Not sure. They're just cheapo 3-drawer ones I got at Menards. I assembled them all by myself. :)

So there you have my office as it looks today. Some things we'd still like to do up here are:
1) Finish painting
2) Replace the flooring
3) Clear out all the junk
4) Finish the guest bedroom
5) Put in new electrical
6) Eventually gut it all and rebuild it

Who knows when Step 6 will be completed, if ever!

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