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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Living Room Decor

Today I'm excited to share some pictures of the living room with, once again, some new decor changes! I mean, I don't think you're ready for this jelly....I went shopping at Target the other day and picked up a few new things. Let's see if you can notice any changes....

Notice anything different so far? Yep, that's right. Change #1: the new turquoise picture frames on the TV stand! I love them! I've been looking for new frames to replace the old boring silver ones that were sitting there for a while now, and suddenly, I found the perfect ones! They bring out just the right pop of turquoise to the room. They were about 10 bucks each at Tar-jay.

Here's an updated photo of the west side of the room. You can see the clock still needs to be moved over to the left to be centered between the hutch and the window:

There's something new in this picture, too (and please look past our long, wrinked curtains...I need to do something to fix that..another small tweak that needs to happen soon - maybe this spring):

Change #2...a new pillow! On sale for about $23.00, this new geometric pillow from Target. I've seen him around before...and finally had to have him. Not sure if I'm going to snatch up its twin or not. This one was the only one I saw of this design at the store the other day, so we'll see if another one shows up. But if not, I'm happy with just this guy. No one said every pillow had to have a matching pair.

I think it looks splendingly handsome in here.

I used the silver frames on other surfaces in the room, switching them to horizontal. I framed a picture from Washington, DC of the pretty trees and the Potomac river:

Isn't my little Owl Scentsy warmer cute?

And of us on the beach on vacation last year:

But my favorite change is definitely the bright turquoise frames. Amazing what a little pop of color can do. It just cheers up the space.

Oh, and this isn't a change, but here's the view out the window: 
I like that you can see the church steeple through the trees in the winter time. And since it's on the west side, you can see the sunset, too. :)

And finally, an updated view of our picture frame grouping on the wall...Sorry about the glare from the window. But these are the current photos hanging up here:

Thanks for stopping by our living room. Hope you like the lovely decor changes :)

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