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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

High (Garage) Hopes

Why hello, there. I thought I'd take a quick moment to talk about our "garage." It's actually more like a large shed that is kinda run-down, dilapidated, and just plain old. Here she is in all her glory:

A beauty, isn't it? Funny story about this garage. A few years ago, Trent actually entered a picture of it into a local "Ugly Garage Contest" and won. We won some free primer and paint from a local paint store! Ha. Here's the photo that was posted on the contest website:

Trent may or may not look like a small child compared to that apparently giant man. But yep, we won some paint. Instead of using it for the garage though (I don't think paint will fix it at this point), We used some of it to paint the back door which was a similar shade of light yellow.

But, Ugly Garage Contests aside, it's kind of an eyesore. Right now it's housing Trent's old Mustang that doesn't run (It's been "in surgery" for quite a while now). It also houses lots of tools and car accessories. But it is quite small and probably structurally weak as well.

Before winter this past year, I wanted some kind of storage for my car, which I purchased last April. So, enter this lovely structure I like to call "the tent":

It's a collapsible storage tent we bought at Menards to house my car temporarily. We didn't have a lot of space to keep it so it's kind of tucked in between the garage and the house. Trent assembled it (It came in a box), and we just ordered some gravel which came to our house in a pile, then Trent spread it down on the ground. So far, it's worked out quite well. It's not exactly easy on the eyes, but it does the job. In other words, it keeps my car ice- and snow-free.

Someday though, we have some big dreams for a brand new garage. It won't be this summer, but hopefully in a few years or so, we'll have a brand new two or two-and-a-half car garage on our lot. I always had a two-car garage growing up, so it's a luxury I've become accustomed to and hate having to park outside. I've even been looking around Pinterest for ideas already. These are a few I wouldn't mind having...

I'd say any of those would be an improvement, wouldn't you? Oh well, a girl can dream...

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