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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hallway Renovation: Part 1 - Demo

Happy Superbowl Sunday! I'm so excited to see all the fun commercials tonight (not a big football fan), that I'm sharing the first post about our Hallway Renovation. Aren't you excited??...Ok, you don't have to answer that.

In September 2011, we decided to do something kinda crazy. We started tearing out the hallway. We figured, 'hey, we did it once with the living room. That only took a couple months...this space is so much smaller! It'll be a piece of cake, right?!' Wrong. Not even close. This project has been our biggest yet. Almost a year and a half later, it's still going on. And because it's a space we walk through multiple times every day, we can't escape it. When you've been in the middle of a project for so long, the motivation to work on it definitely fades. Which may be why it has taken so long to complete.

But let's start at the beginning, shall we? It all started when we ripped out a small piece of wall where the kitchen connects to the hallway (Just for reference, Trent's standing on a stool here):
Since the hallway ceiling was so low, we wanted to see what was going on back there, so that maybe we could raise it up some. Sure enough, it looked like we would be able to raise it a little. So, we started in on the hallway project. Little did we know of the mess we were about to uncover in this over-a-century-old house..

I'll admit, Trent did most of the dirty work. But I like to think that I supervised. :)
Here's the space being ripped out:

Here's Trent tearing down the wall right across from the stairway (you can see that we had already drywalled the first piece of wall we tore out by the kitchen):

And here's some of the mess - Not too bad right? Ha. Oh, and the hallway is fairly small, as you can see. This is pretty much the length of it. 
When we ripped that wall down, we reached the inside of the closet, which was on the opposite side of the wall. The closet wasn't being used. It was kind of a waste of space as it stood.

It was apparently a good space to store toy guns and arrows though, which we found inside:

Scary, no?

A little tidbit of info for ya - I stood on the steps to take those last two pics. As you can see, the stairway is the same ugly brown as the kitchen was before, but sponge-painted with a lighter tan color, too. Today it's much lighter and brighter, but I'll share those pictures later!

Here's Trent continuing to chip away at the walls:
That wall with the siding was an exterior wall at one time. The bedroom and bathroom area had been added on later.

This part of the hall ceiling is the tallest. It's the one by the bathroom and bedroom, and seemed to be as low as the other part, until we tore it out and discovered actually how high it was:
At least we could have a partially tall ceiling in the hallway. But...the roof also leaks, as evident by the water stains. This was another issue we ran into. As of now though, we think we've fixed the problem. It is also wired for a light, which we have since installed. (Yes, I have pics to be shown!)

By the end of September, we had the hallway almost completely gutted. We also added the bedroom door that same month. As I said before, our bedroom was oddly lacking a door before we added one. Here's Trent framing it:

And here it is installed:

So there you have the first part of the Hallway renovation, our most time-consuming project to date! I'll be back with more Reno stuff this week!

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