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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gettin' Moody

Back in 2010, as SOON as I found out we were getting the house, I IMMEDIATELY GOT EXCITED AND STARTED MAKING MOOD BOARDS! Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a tad. But anyway, I had been dreaming about the day when I could decorate my own house for what seemed like forever. What resulted was a Mood Board for each room. When we first started fixing things up, I definitely had my mood boards in mind. That might be why the living room and bedroom boards have a lot of similarities to how our rooms ended up looking. 

But after a while, I kind of forgot all about these, and just kind of went with the vision in my head. So that's why I thought it would be fun to reminisce and see what parts of these "vision boards" I actually stuck with.

First, the Living Room: 
I was really going for neutrals in this space, with a few pops of turquoise. Which is actually what I ended up with in the room:
The couch and coffee table are the same as in the board, since I already knew these would be in the living room at the time I was making it. I also knew that the paint color I wanted was Glidden's Water Chestnut which is the color we painted the room. I knew I wanted some flowy white curtains as well. The accessories just came with a little time - whenever I found things I loved and thought would work well in the room. It's funny that black and white photos actually got incorporated about two years later. We even have a similar shelf to the one in the mood board, except it's not distressed, and it's a chocolate brown instead of white.

Next up, the Bedroom:
 I had the vision of a calm, soothing space, again with a touch of turquoise and lots of layered neutrals.

I definitely think our bedroom feels a bit more "dramatic" than I had originally planned, but with a room so small, and lots of long, drape-y metallic curtains, you're bound to have some drama. The dark wood is definitely there, along with the neutral and turquoise colors. I even have a very similar blanket and homemade art in the space.

 I had a lot going on in this Kitchen mood board (lots of ideas!):
Since we haven't been able to fully renovate the kitchen yet, our current kitchen is still far from what I picture my "dream" kitchen to look like.

The appliances are less stainless steel and more "work with whatcha got" for now. But some of my dream accessories have worked their way into our kitchen, like the wine glass rack under the open cabinets, the matching canisters on the counter, the key hooks, the cute welcome mat, and even the shades have a similar feel to them. It's also light, bright, and sunny just like my dream kitchen will be. :)

I haven't shared photos of our bathroom or the office/guest bedroom yet, since those are still a work in progress, but here's what I dreamt up for our Bathroom a few years back...

Again, lots of neutral tones going on. I was obviously torn between finishes (chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze?) and well, I still am. But I am still in love with that vanity/sink combination, and those door hooks! I will own those someday. We'll have to wait and see how our bathroom ends up, but hopefully I'll share a few pictures of our progress so far. We're kind of going more with a gray color scheme. Should be a huge project to tackle when the time comes! (Our bathroom might be one of my least favorite spaces in the house right now!)

Finally, My Office/The Guest Bedroom:
I can't wait to create this space, because I feel like this is where I can have the most freedom and play around with "my style." We have a space upstairs for my office and the guest room, and right now, my office is kind of coming together..but we have a long way to go. The whole upstairs definitely needs ripped out and started over eventually. And what was once Trent's bedroom upstairs (and what we hope will become a guest bedroom) is cluttered with things we don't have a place for yet, and storage totes galore. Still, I am loving all of the things in my mood board and definitely want to bring to life the yellow theme! Sidenote - the poster in the top left corner was something I made for one of my graphic design classes in college. I can't wait to frame it and put it on the wall someday!

So that gives you an idea of what I was envisioning for our house in the beginning. It's safe to say I still have a lot of the same ideas in mind! How's that for an eye candy post?

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