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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dish Obsessed

This post might make me look like the little old lady who lived in a shoe or something, but I really wanted to share my China collection today! I don't collect too many things, but when I moved into the house, I just kind of started collecting pretty plates to display. Now everytime I go to an antique store, thrift store, or yard sale, I always look for a new plate to add to my collection. You might have already seen my China cabinet:

It used to be my grandma's - it's an antique and now lives in our living room. I love it. And I have some of my favorite dishes in here, most of which were also my grandma's (except the white one with the blue and gold edge, that one I picked up at an antique store):

My other dishes are hanging in the kitchen. These are ones I've collected from antique shops and yard sales. I like to choose ones that make me happy, or just those I like the colors or the design of.

They're definitely a mix of different styles and colors. But they are all plates I was drawn to or that caught my eye. And I never really pay over $10 for them. They have to be reasonably priced for me to buy them. I've seen ones I loved in antique stores but they were just way over my budget. If I find one I really, really like I may pay up to $25 or so, but none of these have been that much! I'm not sure how much the plates I got from my grandma are worth, but this one is my favorite:

I hope you liked my happy little plates! Can't wait to go antiquing this summer and add more to my collection! :)

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