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Saturday, February 9, 2013

An Updated Living Room Tour

I thought I'd start my Saturday off by sharing some more updated views of the Living Room. It's my favorite room in the house and the one where we spend the most time in. Our house is pretty small, and the living room is only about 13'x12' (I just measured). These "updated" pictures are from at least a few months ago, but you can still see how it's evolved a little.

Here's a picture taken from our couch. From here, you can see the hutch from my late grandma in the left hand corner (Read more about it Here). It has lots of antique dishes and vases, most of which were also my grandma's. The little silver vase with the faux hydrangeas used to sit on the coffee table, but I moved it up there, and I love it! It brings a nice sunny pop of color to this wall. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers. I actually got that vase really cheap at Wal-Mart when I was buying things for college, so it still gets some use around here.
Next to the hutch is a lidded basket from Big Lots that we keep a few games and movies in. On top of the basket is usually a spare blanket or a pillow. In the center is our TV on the TV stand we got from Target. The TV stand was perfect for us, because it was just the right size, it had closed storage for our movies, two open shelves for our satellite and Bluray/DVD player, and it was the dark wood that we wanted. The ugly blue internet router is what you see behind the TV - we've gotten a new one since this photo was taken. It's vertical and black, so it's not nearly as visible as that ugly blue one was! The candlestick holders flanking the TV are from IKEA, and the candles were from Kohls, but we just got some new LED candles to replace those - also from Kohl's - Buy one get one free. They are pretty awesome! I'll have to take a photo of them and put it on here!

The "mantel shelf" above the TV we got from Menards. I have my little "HOME" sign there, and next to that is a picture Trent got as a gift from his sister. It is him and his mom and says "A note from Heaven" with a poem. His mom passed away in 2008, so that is a sweet reminder. Next to that is my giraffe statues I got from Kohl's - I love giraffes! It's my favorite mini statue ever (You can see a better picture of it below).

You can see how far this room as come since we first started moving things into it:

We keep Trent's mom's urn in this room. Trent grew up in this home, so it just seems fitting that it is kept here. As you can see, it has been kept on several different surfaces, including the TV stand and even a fold-up TV table, before we had a lot of furniture of our own. When we started living together we always burned the candle you see above - The scent is called "Be Thankful," which was pretty appropriate for how we felt when we got the house. It also smelled like Home. :)

Here's another recent picture, and you can see a little of the frames that we hung on the wall on the right side of the room, and the storage bench I got from my parents (it came from Target). Don't ask me what was on TV when this picture was taken, because I have no idea!!

Below is another photo of the left side of the room - Trent's guitar used to live in here. It was a yard sale find on the Scenic Drive - a huge flea market/yard sale event we have around here - in 2011. Now it's in the bedroom. You can also see part of the two side chairs we got from Target online. We'd like a nice, big comfy (but still sophisticated) chair to replace these two, but haven't really started looking yet. The clock came from Kohl's, and needs to be moved over to the left a little bit. Since we got the hutch, we haven't moved it to look more centered yet.


A little bit more to the left, you have the wall on the west side of the living room. It has one window in the center, and the two side chairs used to be in front of it. During Christmas time this past year, we put the tree in front of this window, and one chair was moved over next to the hutch; the other one was moved where the storage bench was. Right now we just have one side chair in front of this window.
I actually took this picture quite a while ago, but I took it because I love when the sun shines in the morning and early afternoon and makes the window sparkle. Especially in the spring when the windows are open and the white curtains blow gently in the breeze. This photo was taken when we still had to finish the edging at the top of the room, and the bedroom door was still sitting against the wall. I love the picture on the wall of the turquoise sea fan I got from TJ Maxx I believe. The curtains are from IKEA.

And here we have the view looking over to the right from the couch. I took this picture in October when the house was decorated for Halloween, hence the shiny pumpkin garland around the doorway and the mini pumpkin on the table!

We got this side table from Big Lots, and the urn has lived on it ever since. The Willow Tree statues on the table represent Trent and his mom. The mirror I got from Hobby Lobby - I wasn't originally going to leave it black - I was going to paint it white - but it works. I love the design of it. You can see the kitchen from here, too. I like looking at my plates, and of course that little ceramic doggie is my fave. :)

So there you have some more updated pictures of the living room. The couch wall hasn't changed much, so I don't have any recent photos of it. But I spent probably 80% of my time on it when I'm home - It's definitely the coziest and warmest spot in the house! 

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