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Friday, February 8, 2013

A Little Shadowbox Project

Happy Friday! :) Before I show you a quick Shadowbox project I did, I have to share something I thought was hilarious. Trent and I were watching House Hunters on HGTV last night, and the couple said they couldn't move into a house that's house numbers added up to 13, because her mom was superstitious and thinks it would be unlucky! Seriously, at every house they went to, the first thing they did was add up the house numbers. I added up ours in my head and said to Trent, "Well ours add up to 12, so I think we're good!" 1+9+2=12. Yep, good. So....sorry for the bad luck, Mark and Sandy! Haha :) Ok, I just had to share that little story!

Anyway, a few months ago while Trent was at work on a Sunday afternoon, I was feeling kinda crafty and wanted a project. I thought about making something for Trent for Christmas, since I had a small shadowbox frame from IKEA laying around and was waiting for an idea to strike so I could make something with it. But it ended up being something that was really for both of us: A Mini Vacation Shadowbox.

Isn't it cute? Last summer we took a trip to the East Coast. We went to Washington, DC, Virginia Beach, The Outer Banks, Wilmington, NC, and Myrtle Beach. We had a blast and took about 5 billion photos of it all! I had been wanting to do something else to remember it by, and even though this is just a teeny tiny memento of our trip, it's a nice little display that we can walk past everyday and smile about.

It wasn't hard to make either. I didn't take any photos of the process, but basically I just gathered up a bunch of things we saved from the trip - brochures, ticket stubs, photos, receipts, etc. And I wanted to find a "grouping" of similar or related items to display, since my space was pretty limited (It's a 10"x10" square frame). I chose to just display some mementos from Myrtle Beach, which was the last stop on our trip.

Going clockwise and starting with the receipt on the left side, the items I included were: 1.) The "Boarding Pass" for our Helicopter ride, 2.) The photo they took of us with the helicopter we rode, 3.) Our tickets for the SkyWheel (the giant ferris wheel right by the ocean in Myrtle Beach), and 4.) A small photo I printed straight off my computer of a part of the beach we walked by.

I had tons of old scrapbook paper I've kept for little projects, and since I planned on displaying this in the hallway when it's finished, I chose a piece with green on it, since the kitchen is green and the hallway is right off of the kitchen. I also added a little label at the bottom I just typed up and cut out of paper. To attach everything to the scrapbook paper, I used a combination of little sticky photo squares and double stick tape. Pretty simple! It almost felt like I was putting a scrapbook page together, even though I don't scrapbook at all.

Right now, my little work of art is sitting on top of our microwave in the kitchen...patiently waiting for our hallway to be completed so it can find a real home...(kinda sad)
I still like to look at it though. It brings back so many great memories from Myrtle Beach last summer.
Like the Palm Trees....

The Ferris Wheel....

The Helicopter Ride....

The Ocean.....

And of course - The Amazing Sunrises and Sunsets....

Take me back please :)

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