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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bedroom Update - Nearly Two Years Later

When we left off with the Bedroom Reveal in April 2011, it looked like this:
Our Newly Finished Bedroom, April 2011

Now, feast your eyes on this baby:
Our Bedroom Now

Isn't she a beaut? And even though this photo was taken last year, it hasn't changed too much since then. It is hard to keep it looking tip-top shape like in this photo, but basically this is what it looks like now. 

We have actually added a storage bench to the end of the bed since then, which Trent got me for my birthday last year. Here it is in all its glory:
It's from Target, and yes, it opens up its top to reveal bounties of storage! (wish I had a picture)
 But back to the Bedroom.
As you can see, we've added nightstands on both sides with matching lamps. The nightstands were from Amazon, and the lamps were from Marshall's I believe. (I will have to look up the exact stores and prices at another time and add them to this post.) We also added a couple of small rugs, and I love both of them! I think they were both from Marshall's as well, but again I will have to do some digging and check. Finally, there are two extra pillows on the bed to beef things up a little bit. It's hard to see them, but maybe I will add a detail shot once I get one. ;)

Oddly enough, when I first moved in, the bedroom did not have one thing that most people expect a bedroom to have...A door. So that was another addition.

Below you can see Trent installing it back in September 2011, and then after it was finished.

He has since tweaked it a little bit, and we have completely gutted the hallway as well, so that is a whole 'nother project for another time! (Which is still in progress by the way!)

The door you see to the left of the bedroom door is the door to the bathroom, which 1) Is the only bathroom in the house, and 2) Used to be the ONLY door to the only bathroom in the house. Yep, through our bedroom. How awkward for guests....

Anyway, Since this picture was taken, we have also added a second door to the bathroom, through the actual hallway. So things kinda make more sense now. I will share much more about this when I share the Hallway Renovation, which is a much longer, more complicated renovation than anything we have done in the house so far. So stay tuned for that.

But all in all, we like the bedroom a lot so far. We haven't gutted it or anything like we did the living room. But we don't think we need to for a long time. It still needs a lot of work as far as the closet goes - that's another project in itself - and it has a huge bare wall that needs attention, too. So it's still a work in progress!

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