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Friday, December 10, 2010

Life is good

Hello again...happy 2 years and 7 months to Trent and I today :) hehe
Well I'm at work right now, it's 9:00am so I'm going to have to make this quick for now! But I've been living with Trent in our house since the week of Thanksgiving, I believe it was that Sunday, Nov. 21 that I moved in.  So going on 3 weeks now! It has been great so far! A little stressful and chaotic at times, since we're of course in the middle of renovating, but overall it's been good. We started sleeping in Trent's twin-sized bed upstairs, which wasn't too fun, but we then bought a new queen-sized mattress set, and we've been working on the bedroom...scraping paint off the walls and ceiling and now finishing priming as a temporary fix until we can gut the whole thing, ala the living room reno. So while we're working on that, we have been sleeping in the living room! Which still doesn't have curtains! But we're making it work. haha...I'm really itching to paint the kitchen, but the bedroom needs done first...there's just too much to do.

The day after Thanksgiving we hit the stores for a few good deals that afternoon, and ended up snagging a sale-priced down comforter, mattress pad, and a $30 pre-lit Christmas tree from Target (last one!), plus some ornaments to accompany it. It's a kinda short one, about 6' I think, but it looks really pretty in the corner of our now cluttered living room haha. I'll put up pictures soon.

It's finals week for me next week, and then I graduate on the 18th...8 days from now!! Eek! Finally! But unfortunately I'm taking a class over break, then I have spring semester at Black Hawk for my web I'm not done with school. In May is when the real celebration will occur! Well I just felt the need to make a quick update, and hopefully we get this bedroom done soon. In the living room we still need to install the curtain rods, hang the curtains and maybe some blinds, and finish painting the doorway, the trim, and the top edge of the walls...chaos, I tell you. :)


Here are some pics of our tree to get you in the Christmas mood:

Here it is complete with our bed - how's that for temporary sleeping arrangement?

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