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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things are falling into place..

I'm writing right now full of optimism for where we are headed! I feel like a little slice of my dreams is finally starting to come true. Since inheriting Trent's family's house, his dad's belongings are heading out the door sooner than expected and it looks like I may be on the move in maybe two weeks or so now! I can't fully describe how excited and overwhelmed I am, to finally be moving in with Trent and being able to make a place "ours." Although it will definitely be a lot of hard work, I have hope that we will turn the house from an eyesore and a health hazard to something that is much safer and much easier on the eyes. I've been waiting nearly my whole life so far to have a home of my own to work my magic in, and we're both so excited to see our dreams finally coming to life. :)

I think that, besides Trent helping move out nearly everything from the living room over the past few days, and a decent amount of "stuff" from the kitchen, what really has pushed me over the edge is buying my NEW IMAC yesterday (!!) which I can't wait to receive in the mail. Trent and I both agree it will look amazing on my desk in our office, once I actually get a desk and once we actually have an office of course ;) Nonetheless, I'm so excited about that purchase - and not only does it come with a free pink ipod nano (16Gb), it will also have Microsoft Office '08 and CS5 Design Premium on it!! EEK! After the rebate on the nano, it came in at a little under $2000, plus my parents are chipping in a little for my graduation present. I have been saving up over the summer to buy it, so I'm excited that I could actually afford it with my checking.

Along with my spiffy new computer, I plan on taking the following things with me on the move to our new home:
  • Mid-size flat screen tv (for the bedroom)
  • The majority of my clothes (eek! - i have a lot) - what doesn't follow me will bag up for garage sale/charity
  • 3 lamps: A silver, 3-light one, small one inherited from the parents (which may need a new shade) and desk lamp 
  • Some dishware (plastic of course haha), along with a martini glass set, beer glass, and a wine glass
  • Striped tablecloth
  • Purple towels, pink and purple washcloths (Trent will have to live with those for now :) )
  • Small bathroom rug
  • Pink curtains from school
  • Some framed wall art and a poster made by moi, that needs a frame
  • Photos in frames
  • Small fake flower bouquets in little pots
  • A full length mirror for the closet and a small black mirror for who knows where!
  • Some pillows and blankets
  • A shoe rack for the closet
  • Pink plastic-drawer closet organizers
  • A small wooden filing cabinet for the office
  • Tons of art supplies, books, and office supplies
  • Alarm clock
  • Purse rack, push lights, and hooks for closet
I really don't have a whole lot of household items that we can use, and it looks like we may be buying some majorly needed items, like a couch and a big tv for the living room. I am going to try to sell some things (i.e. the rug, curtains, tablecloth, etc.) at a yard sale, after we are all moved in, along with some stuff I like to call "crap." I hope the sale is a success, because I have beyond tons of junk to get rid of! I may or may not take my ugly end tables, though there is a possibility I will take just one for the time being. And I haven't decided on some things yet, like my cd rack full of old cds.. Is it really neccessary?
I guess that's it for now though, some fun pictures to follow I hope! :-)

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