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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

House Tour

Alright, everyone. Come on in, hang up your coats and hats. And welcome to our home! It's definitely a work in progress, and it's ALWAYS mid-renovation. A century-old little charmer in small town Illinois. Behold, our humble abode, complete with Before and After/Progress pics. (This page is being continually updated by me to keep the "Progress" pics semi-up-to-date for ya!)

Front Exterior - Before/During:

Front Exterior - After:

Kitchen - Before:

Kitchen - Progress:

See more of our kitchen here

Living Room - Before/During:

Living Room - After:

With the new rug:

Updated Living Room with our new couch:

Bedroom - Before:

Bedroom - After:

My Office - Before:

My Office - Progress:

Backyard - Progress:

Bathroom - Before:

Bathroom - Progress:

Laundry Room - Progress:

More rooms/spaces:
  • Upstairs bedroom (Haven't started)
  • Back room (Haven't started)
  • Closet/Pantry (Haven't started)

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