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Friday, December 10, 2010

Life is good

Hello again...happy 2 years and 7 months to Trent and I today :) hehe
Well I'm at work right now, it's 9:00am so I'm going to have to make this quick for now! But I've been living with Trent in our house since the week of Thanksgiving, I believe it was that Sunday, Nov. 21 that I moved in.  So going on 3 weeks now! It has been great so far! A little stressful and chaotic at times, since we're of course in the middle of renovating, but overall it's been good. We started sleeping in Trent's twin-sized bed upstairs, which wasn't too fun, but we then bought a new queen-sized mattress set, and we've been working on the bedroom...scraping paint off the walls and ceiling and now finishing priming as a temporary fix until we can gut the whole thing, ala the living room reno. So while we're working on that, we have been sleeping in the living room! Which still doesn't have curtains! But we're making it work. haha...I'm really itching to paint the kitchen, but the bedroom needs done first...there's just too much to do.

The day after Thanksgiving we hit the stores for a few good deals that afternoon, and ended up snagging a sale-priced down comforter, mattress pad, and a $30 pre-lit Christmas tree from Target (last one!), plus some ornaments to accompany it. It's a kinda short one, about 6' I think, but it looks really pretty in the corner of our now cluttered living room haha. I'll put up pictures soon.

It's finals week for me next week, and then I graduate on the 18th...8 days from now!! Eek! Finally! But unfortunately I'm taking a class over break, then I have spring semester at Black Hawk for my web I'm not done with school. In May is when the real celebration will occur! Well I just felt the need to make a quick update, and hopefully we get this bedroom done soon. In the living room we still need to install the curtain rods, hang the curtains and maybe some blinds, and finish painting the doorway, the trim, and the top edge of the walls...chaos, I tell you. :)


Here are some pics of our tree to get you in the Christmas mood:

Here it is complete with our bed - how's that for temporary sleeping arrangement?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

VERY long overdue apologies.

Wellllll... I had forgotten about this blog, admittedly. Being so busy with school starting up again, work, and renovating the house has taken a toll I guess. No time for blog writing. However, some more news has prompted me to write again, because I just need to get it out into the world! But for now, I need to provide a teensy-weensy update of what has happened over the past...3 months, whew!

So I actually haven't moved in yet, because we have been waiting until the house is more livable, and a complete living room renovation put the entire moving thing on hold for a while. But this weekend, I think it is finally happening! *Crossing fingers.* We started roughly the first of September, ripping out the living room, down to the bare bones. Plaster and all..from the walls and the ceiling. See below picture for what it looked like in the process:

Ripping out the walls and ceiling! Fun fun!

Actually it wasn't too fun, but it had to be done! There was no insulation at all, the plaster walls were covered in wallpaper, panel board, paint, and wall paper borders. It was nearly impossible for the room to look nice unless we ripped everything out. We eventually installed insulation, got all new drywall up on the walls and ceiling, mudded, taped, and sanded, installed some small heating pipes, new electrical sockets and wires to the ceiling, and finally primed and painted! Here are more pictures of the process for your viewing pleasure:

Trent hard at work!

Drywall is up

This wall is officially...MUDDED.

Hooray for paint! Glidden's Water Chestnut from Home Depot. We love it!

We then refinished the floor by sanding it down with a huge sander we rented from Home Depot, (Trent did that part), cleaned and wiped it all down with mineral spirits, then applied sealer and two coats of poly. We decided against a stain because we liked the natural look of the wood. And the lighter floor just seemed to brighten up the room even more. Below are pictures of the floor while we sanded and then after it was done. Huggeee difference! We like it a wholee lot (Sorry some of the pictures are small):

The partly sanded floor - Can you see the major difference??

The sanded floor

Trent applying the sealer

Finished project!
Before the renovation, I purchased our washer and dryer set, a Samsung front loader set, from Craigslist for $900. It was less than a year old, came with a transferable warranty from Lowes, all the paperwork, only used for a few months. We have yet to hook these up, because we still need to make the laundry room/back porch decently livable. haha. Hopefully we will have laundry soon :) Anyway, then we purchased (well, my parents bought it for my early graduation present) a new couch from Sofa Mart. The Stonebrook model, seen here: We got a great deal on it, because it was on sale. And we like it! It's very comfy if I do say so myself.

Since then I have picked up some more decorative items for the living room and other rooms in the house. And we were finally able to buy the trim for the LR, after Menards was out of the stock for roughly 2 weeks, due to a huge sale on trim. The baseboards and window trim are still sitting on the LR floor, but they should be up soon. In the meantime, here is a glimpse of our lovely room so far:

Our couch, rug, and coffee table, sitting pretty

Of course, this is only a few of the items that are now in the living room, but let me break it down on what we have so far: New walls and ceiling, refinished floors, our sofa with some lovely Dwell Studio for Target pillows, and some more pillows I got on sale at Kohl's, a throw from Target, a light-colored 5' x 7' area rug on sale at Kohl's for $26! And the coffee table was in the room previously. We're going to use it for now, even though it's not really matching our decor too much. On the opposite wall (not shown) is the TV table we got at Target, and our Samsung 40" TV that I bought from Best Buy a couple of months ago. The room is coming together, but it's the only room that really feels "homey" right now! (lots more to do...) We have some IKEA curtains and some curtain rods that I am dying to put up, but the trim needs to be up first! Trent will have to "get on that" soon. hehe :)

Along with the living room, we've been cleaning up other areas of the house, and we also made-over the front porch! It's looking more beautiful than ever, after we added a new porch railing that Trent made himself from boards that were lying around - so proud of him :). And we have been painting it white, with lots of coats of semigloss! We also painted the new posts Trent put in, and the porch ceiling & floor. It has a whole new, fresh look. I will post pictures soon hopefully! Unfortunately it's almost winter, and it's getting too cold to do much more work outside, but it's looking pretty great right now. I even picked up a new little doormat and it loves its new home on the porch.

Other updates include getting HD Satellite from Dish Network (long process, but well worth it!), getting a new, faster internet set up, and our current project - the bedroom. We're peeling layers of old paint off the's a pain in the butt, but has to be done so we can paint the plaster walls temporarily. Until we can renovate the entire room like we did the living room. The floors have also been sanded down and just need the sealer and poly coats applied. Then we can move in our new bed, which we've been looking for and will hopefully purchase on Monday when we pick up our new mattress :) We bought that baby today at Denver Mattress, and picked out a perfect bed, but it's a bit expensive... so I'm going to hold my breath and hope we can either afford to buy that bad boy, or look at some other options. Not sure what to do yet!

Nonetheless, we've definitely been busy working on the house for the last few months. I will be back to give another update soon. For now all I can say is that I am so very excited to move in finally!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things are falling into place..

I'm writing right now full of optimism for where we are headed! I feel like a little slice of my dreams is finally starting to come true. Since inheriting Trent's family's house, his dad's belongings are heading out the door sooner than expected and it looks like I may be on the move in maybe two weeks or so now! I can't fully describe how excited and overwhelmed I am, to finally be moving in with Trent and being able to make a place "ours." Although it will definitely be a lot of hard work, I have hope that we will turn the house from an eyesore and a health hazard to something that is much safer and much easier on the eyes. I've been waiting nearly my whole life so far to have a home of my own to work my magic in, and we're both so excited to see our dreams finally coming to life. :)

I think that, besides Trent helping move out nearly everything from the living room over the past few days, and a decent amount of "stuff" from the kitchen, what really has pushed me over the edge is buying my NEW IMAC yesterday (!!) which I can't wait to receive in the mail. Trent and I both agree it will look amazing on my desk in our office, once I actually get a desk and once we actually have an office of course ;) Nonetheless, I'm so excited about that purchase - and not only does it come with a free pink ipod nano (16Gb), it will also have Microsoft Office '08 and CS5 Design Premium on it!! EEK! After the rebate on the nano, it came in at a little under $2000, plus my parents are chipping in a little for my graduation present. I have been saving up over the summer to buy it, so I'm excited that I could actually afford it with my checking.

Along with my spiffy new computer, I plan on taking the following things with me on the move to our new home:
  • Mid-size flat screen tv (for the bedroom)
  • The majority of my clothes (eek! - i have a lot) - what doesn't follow me will bag up for garage sale/charity
  • 3 lamps: A silver, 3-light one, small one inherited from the parents (which may need a new shade) and desk lamp 
  • Some dishware (plastic of course haha), along with a martini glass set, beer glass, and a wine glass
  • Striped tablecloth
  • Purple towels, pink and purple washcloths (Trent will have to live with those for now :) )
  • Small bathroom rug
  • Pink curtains from school
  • Some framed wall art and a poster made by moi, that needs a frame
  • Photos in frames
  • Small fake flower bouquets in little pots
  • A full length mirror for the closet and a small black mirror for who knows where!
  • Some pillows and blankets
  • A shoe rack for the closet
  • Pink plastic-drawer closet organizers
  • A small wooden filing cabinet for the office
  • Tons of art supplies, books, and office supplies
  • Alarm clock
  • Purse rack, push lights, and hooks for closet
I really don't have a whole lot of household items that we can use, and it looks like we may be buying some majorly needed items, like a couch and a big tv for the living room. I am going to try to sell some things (i.e. the rug, curtains, tablecloth, etc.) at a yard sale, after we are all moved in, along with some stuff I like to call "crap." I hope the sale is a success, because I have beyond tons of junk to get rid of! I may or may not take my ugly end tables, though there is a possibility I will take just one for the time being. And I haven't decided on some things yet, like my cd rack full of old cds.. Is it really neccessary?
I guess that's it for now though, some fun pictures to follow I hope! :-)

House Tour

Alright, everyone. Come on in, hang up your coats and hats. And welcome to our home! It's definitely a work in progress, and it's ALWAYS mid-renovation. A century-old little charmer in small town Illinois. Behold, our humble abode, complete with Before and After/Progress pics. (This page is being continually updated by me to keep the "Progress" pics semi-up-to-date for ya!)

Front Exterior - Before/During:

Front Exterior - After:

Kitchen - Before:

Kitchen - Progress:

See more of our kitchen here

Living Room - Before/During:

Living Room - After:

With the new rug:

Updated Living Room with our new couch:

Bedroom - Before:

Bedroom - After:

My Office - Before:

My Office - Progress:

Backyard - Progress:

Bathroom - Before:

Bathroom - Progress:

Laundry Room - Progress:

More rooms/spaces:
  • Upstairs bedroom (Haven't started)
  • Back room (Haven't started)
  • Closet/Pantry (Haven't started)

About Me

Hi, I'm Whitney and I live with my now husband, Trent. We got married in August of 2015 and reside in a small town in Illinois. I went to school for graphic design, and now work full time and blog for fun. Trent and I live in the house that he grew up in. After his dad moved out in 2010....I moved in! The house is over a century old, and to put it bluntly - it needs a lot of work! In our spare time, we work on renovation projects and decorate to make the house feel a little more "us" - to maintain, update, and just improve the value overall. Ya know...all that fun stuff! Of course, my favorite part is decorating :)

Decorating has always been a hobby and passion of mine, along with art and design, and anything creative. I started this blog back in 2010 when we started fixing up the house, but only wrote in here...well, every couple of years or so. ;) But now, I'm back! I've started it up again as a fun little hobby. So far I love it and I've found blogging to be such a fun creative outlet for me to share all of my projects and thoughts about the house! I hope you will enjoy it too! So sit back and enjoy our life happenings and home renovation stories along this crazy journey....who knows where it will take us.

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